TAC News 2021 Vol. 1


This time last year we were in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and none of us could predict the long-term outlook. We made our plans, we sanitised our hands and we kept our distance from each other. Some of us worked from home and, together, we managed to successfully keep the virus at bay. 

Sadly, the restrictions meant we were unable to go ahead with our annual Innovation and Excellence Awards and that was particularly disappointing because we enjoy rewarding those who go that extra mile.

We made up for it this year though and last year’s nominations were included, giving us an extremely high calibre of nominees attending our awards night at the Newcastle Exhibition Centre on Friday, April 30. 

Like all business managers, we are constantly mindful of our operating costs and the need to keep them under control and everyone deserves congratulations for their efforts over the past 18 months.

Last year was one of our best, most consistent years for product delivery, a period in which we saw – despite the pandemic - an enormous improvement in process stability and cost control. 

Thanks to a wonderfully mild summer we avoided a repeat of the load interruptions of previous years when we had to cycle-down the potlines to boost the state’s electricity grid. We are remaining actively engaged in the wider energy debate though to ensure our critical needs as a baseload operation are understood.

Ongoing maintenance has also helped us avoid large equipment failures and saved us a significant amount of money.

Enjoy this edition of TAC news here and thanks again to our 1000+ strong team for continuing to meet the challenges that life and the market throw at us!

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