Positive COVID case - CPO


This morning we were advised of a COVID positive result for one of our colleagues; an Operator in CPO.

The person worked one day shift before feeling unwell and subsequently left site & presented for a test, which has returned a positive result. He has not been onsite since that shift.

His crew are due back tonight and as per updated NSW Health guidelines, we will undertake rapid antigen testing of all his colleagues returning to site this evening to ensure there is no risk of transmission. 

The COVID response plan for CPO is being implemented today – including deep cleaning of the at risk areas. Pleasingly, the regular cleaning being undertaken by shift crews means the likelihood of contamination is low. We take this opportunity to remind people that good hand hygiene and mask wearing indoors is a more than adequate control against exposure to this virus.

Our colleague was fully vaccinated, has very mild symptoms and will now isolate for 14 days as required by NSW Health for positive COVID cases.

Anyone in the immediate work area who may have shared common contact points will undertake a rapid antigen test to allay concerns and others are welcome to approach their Supervisor should they also feel the need to be tested at Health Services.

Due to the sheer number of positive cases in the HNE Health District, it is likely we will see more positive cases among our colleagues.

If you are feeling unwell in any way, please leave site and get tested without delay. This will minimise the chance of transmission to other site people with subsequent risk to our ability to keep running the business.

Matt Howell


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