Once again, employees who have displayed excellence and innovative thinking were recognised and rewarded on Friday at the sixth annual Innovation and Excellence Awards presentation in the Starlight Room at Wests, New Lambton.

A total of 200 employees were nominated, either for an individual category or as part of a team with 140 attending the presentation evening. Well done to everyone who received a nomination this year.

Congratulations to Allan Cranney who took home the ‘Overall Winner' Trophy on Friday night and has won international flights and accommodation for two people, anywhere in the world.  Allan had an idea to recycle Swarf Bricks rather than sending them off site with dross material for processing.

This idea has saved the business around $200k in processing fees and has added value by recycling the material directly into our furnaces. Allan has been a long-standing Casthouse employee and has a genuine interest to see the business improve. Allan performed all the background work and trials to see the idea succeed and showed real drive and motivation.

Allan said, “I feel proud to receive this award. There are so many things that can be improved around the plant from a cost or safety perspective and sometimes it just takes some fresh eyes to come up with a better way of doing something that benefits the business. We can often take certain processes for granted, but if we stop and look for better ways of doing things, sometimes the solution becomes obvious.”

Allan went on to say that whilst this initial idea was his own, Robbie Cox put in a huge contribution and analysis that enabled this change to move ahead and extends his thanks to him.

Our individual category winners also received a trophy and a travel voucher for domestic flights and accommodation and team category winners will receive a team event.

Congratulations to all our category winners:

Excellence in Health, Safety & Environment: Individual winner: Dave Miller 
Team winner: (Critical Process VDC Casting Team) Chase Bennett & Brodie Fairhall

Excellence in Cost & Waste Reduction:
Individual winner: Danny Oakley
Team winner: (Fixed Retainers Team) Dallas Edwards & Chad Moremon

Excellence in Process Stability & Quality:
Individual winner: Ricky Dent
Team Winner: (Stem Brush Implementation Team) Andrew Withers, Greg Wall, Zac Trigg, Harrison Spruce, Brendan Corr, Marshal Holden, Jamie Schreiber

Apprentice of the Year:
Luke Johns

The night was a great success and everyone had the opportunity to relax and celebrate with their colleagues.

Congratulations everyone!

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