Everyone works hard to avoid serious injuries in the workplace, but minor injuries can also have a major impact at work and at home.

A step change was necessary to encourage people to be mindful about the ways to approach tasks that could put them at risk.

“The ‘Do It Safely 4 LIFE’ expo was created to address these workplace safety concerns. The focus was on hand and finger injuries and the impact they can have on your life and the lives of those around you,” expo co-organiser Charmain Underwood said.

Charmain and fellow coordinator Trish Rapley developed and led the expo onsite between September through to November, holding three interactive sessions daily, four days a week supported by members of the Safety and Training team and selected supervisors.

The sessions were designed to allow people from various departments to meet, interact and highlight hazards and controls from their particular areas and share experiences, helping enhance the culture of ‘Mates looking After Mates’, according to Trish.

“We need to get people to do things differently,” Trish said. “Just because we’ve always done something a particular way doesn’t mean we can’t find a better way of doing it.

“We need to get people to think outside the square both at home and at work.”

Family involvement was fostered through a drawing competition aimed at encouraging employees to talk to their families about safety.

The winning entries earned their artistic owners and their schools a prize with the 13 winners each receiving a $100 prize and the six schools involved sharing in a $2,700 prize pool.

Cheques and prize packs were presented to the individual winners and their schools by department managers and all the entries will feature in Tomago Aluminium’s 2020 calendar which will be distributed to all employees, reminding them why they are keeping themselves safe.

Congratulations to all our winning artists:

Lillie O’Donohue
Dominic Pitt
Ashton Holliday
Lawson Holliday
Ella Curtis
Cooper Curtis
Georgia Curtis
Teleah Broadbent
Georgia Derwin
Amity Findlay
Sophie Smith
Chloe Derwin
Oliver McKensey

We also donated to the following lucky schools:

Anna Bay Public School
St Brigid’s Primary School
Wirreanda Public School
St John the Baptist Primary School
St Joseph's Primary School
Edgeworth Height Public School

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