TAC News 2018 Vol. 2


Welcome to the Spring edition of TAC news. This year we celebrate our 35th anniversary; something that can be traced back to the vision and determination of the Tomago Aluminium Company founders. We are also recognising many of our loyal employees who commenced in 1983. In today’s world, it is increasingly rare that we find people with 35 years continuous service and for that we say “Thank You”.

We poured the first metal at the plant in May 1983 and haven’t looked back since. Despite the fact that the underlying technology has changed little, we have grown TAC to become the largest and most efficient aluminium smelter in Australia / NZ. Tomago Aluminium is regularly benchmarked internationally through the “AP 18 Club” and we continue to perform to the highest international standards.

Achieving 35 years of successful operations has involved many challenges and our success can be directly attributed to the dedication and hard work of the many people who have overcome challenges, implemented innovations and embraced change to keep our operation vibrant, optimistic and profitable. Above all, it is very satisfying to see our safety performance continue to improve – a testament to our “Mates looking after Mates” ethos. Good safety is quite simply, good business!

Please enjoy reading our latest edition of Tac News here.

Best regards,

Matt Howell - CEO


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