RUOK day is about suicide prevention. About noticing that someone may be acting a bit different than usual, that they may be doing it a bit tough and asking them a simple question “ RUOK?”

It sounds simple but that question could be the first step for someone to getting back on track and has the potential to save a life.

RUOK day is a on Thursday  13th September and Tomago will be acknowledging the day again this year. On the day there will be giveaways and information and resources about RUOK day at the gate as well as free Sprocket coffees.

If you are after more information please visit the RUOK website ( Link below) where they have information and tips on how to ask someone you are concerned about how they are doing and help to point them in the right direction. .

You don’t have to be a counsellor and you don’t have to fix the problem. You only have to take some interest and help someone out by pointing them in a direction where they can get professional help.

Asking if someone is Ok is at its core, mates looking after mates.

For more tips to help a workmate, visit

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