TAC News 2017 Vol. 3


“What might seem impossible and unlikely to achieve, but would make a big difference if we did it?”

It’s a question doing the rounds at TAC as we face the reality of a new energy contract kicking in from 1st November. The new contract runs until late 2028 at pretty much a fixed rate, but well over a hundred million dollars more in annual cost. Since we can’t pass this cost on to our customers (the LME sets the price for aluminium on a daily basis), we simply have to absorb it and find other means to increase volumes, reduce costs and avoid loss & waste. I take my hat off to the vast number of people in our business who continue to find ways to do things quicker, simpler and cheaper. Our future lies in our own hands and we have a very bright future if we continue to work together.

We’ve made enormous progress on our automation and job redesign projects, from auto anode gauging, K10 robotic anode cleaning and ingot chain automation to name a few. Many long serving colleagues have taken the opportunity for voluntary redundancy – which is good for them as they get to leave early with an incentive and it’s good for the remainder of us because our cost base is lower. We’re also acting to improve the nature of the work we do, either by minimising exposure to heat or removing or automating the repetitive and low-skill tasks.

Our performance this year has again been very commendable. At the time of writing we have had 2 recordable injuries and had notched up the impressive milestone of over a million work hours without a recordable injury. This is testament to the Mates looking after Mates mindset we are embracing. On the production front, we are on track to beat last year’s record and the quality is a standout, with iron in all 3 potlines below 900 ppm. This is how we stay in business; deliver outstanding quality, in full, on time.

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Kind Regards

Matt Howell - CEO

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