TAC News 2017 Vol. 2


Spring is in the air and we’re on the home stretch to another very solid year of performance. We are doing it cleaner and safer than we’ve ever done before and at present rates, we will beat last year’s metal production record. On the safety front, it’s appropriate to recognise the extraordinary performance of our engineering alliance partner Worley Parsons, whose team of full time employees and all associated project contractors, notched up 7 consecutive years without a recordable injury. This, together with our own record of consistent improvements in safety outcomes lead to our application for a workers compensation self-insurance licence being granted in June. This is a massive vote of confidence in all our people and while it means zero change to the regulations (NSW workers compensation laws), our costs to administer the scheme are much lower; those savings can better be spent on improving our business and paying for salary increases.

In this edition we feature the winners of the very successful Tomago Innovation Awards. The presentation evening was held at Wests New Lambton with over 200 people attending. Our overall winner for excellence in innovation was Nathan Bevear, who has been with us in the potlines for about 2 years. His innovation was to improve the tap doors by making several prototypes with a mate in Bathurst until he got it right and is a perfect example of challenging the accepted way of doing things. Another terrific example is the automation team, who built their own machine monitoring devices and connected them to our wireless network after finding commercial devices were either too expensive or too limited in scope. Innovation is the lifeblood of success and I’m proud to say, we have some of the best innovators in the business!

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