Electrical distribution model safe guards TAC site

Over the past year, TAC’s Senior Electrical Engineer, Antonie Jacobs has had the pleasure of watching Newcastle University student, Mat Barton develop his skills by bringing an electrical distribution model to fruition. Mat is in the final year of an Electrical Engineering degree and joined TAC for a work experience placement in 2014. Mat built a new electrical distribution model of the Tomago Aluminium site. This significant advance in electrical distribution control and enquiry will ensure optimal safety standards, protecting both employees and resources.

“Importantly it allows us to proactively assess the system for faults and Arc Flash Incident energy. It also gives us the tools we need to identify defects in our protection systems and resolve these defects by fine-tuning our systems and resource allocation. Ultimately this new system will ensure the correct sequence of protection operates when and where required.” Antonie said.

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