Emission Control

Emission Control

Emission Control

When properly managed aluminium smelting is a clean, quiet and relatively unobtrusive process. 

In order to protect the environment, Tomago Aluminium has implemented a comprehensive environmental management program, focusing on emission control and incorporating one of the world’s most advanced pollution-control and environmental protection equipment systems.

Emissions created in the smelting process pass through ducting to treatment plants, known as dry scrubbers, where impurities are removed. 

Among the emissions carried to the dry scrubbers are fluorides, which along with other fume and dust, form particles that are captured in large filter bags. 

These particles are then returned to the pots as feed material.

The dry scrubber process is more than 99% effective in removing fluoride from the gases collected and contributes to why Tomago Aluminium’s emissions are among the lowest recorded by any aluminium smelter in the world and continually fall well within the requirements of our Environmental Regulations. To ensure we meet or exceed our emission control targets, we conduct the following rigorous monitoring:

Air quality
We conduct air quality monitoring for fluoride and sulfur dioxide. 

Sampling is undertaken throughout each month at a number of emission discharge points within the smelter while ambient air samples are collected weekly from stations dotted around the site, the buffer zone and beyond.

Water quality monitoring in and around the site is thorough and extensive taking in stormwater, groundwater, surface waters and a bioaccumulation program. 

Most water consumed in the aluminium-making process is used in recycled cooling water systems, with wastewaters from on-site sewage treatment and cooling water blow-down used for irrigation on site.

An extensive monitoring program takes into account natural flora and vegetation that live and grow near the plant.

A regular monitoring program is undertaken to record the contribution of noise from Tomago Aluminium’s operations to the ambient noise environment of the surrounding industrial zone.