Suppliers & Contractors

Suppliers & Contractors

Suppliers & Contractors

Tomago Aluminium’s Contractor workforce consists of approximately 200 contractors who are required to maintain and support the highest standards of health, safety and environmental compliance. Adherence to Tomago site policies, processes and procedures while on-site is mandatory. 

Outlined below is information to help contractors understand what is required prior to entering our site. 

Additional information is available through Inductions and site representatives.

To access the Contractor Access Management System and online training centre, click the buttons below.

Contractor Access Management System

Online Training Centre

Contractor Access Management System & Inductions

To conduct any work on-site, contractors need to be registered with a “T” number and have completed the relevant online Tomago Induction. 

Inductions are valid for 3 years on the basis the contractor attends site at least once every 12 months.

The Contractor Access Management system is an online form that allows contractor employees to do the following:

**Note: To access the Contractor Access Management system, all contractor employees need to know their Employers TAC Vendor number. 

If the Employers TAC contractor Vendor number is unknown, contact your TAC Representative.**

Once contractor employees have registered or changed personal details, the system will send an email with the “T” number and password to access the TAC online learning system (Success Factors). Contractor employees need to complete the “Tomago Induction” or “Tomago North Gate Induction” as a minimum to gain access to the Tomago site. 

Depending on the work scope, contractor employees may also be required to complete specific departmental/area inductions. 

Contact your TAC Representative for guidance on the inductions required.

Questions related to Contractor Registration and/or Contractor Inductions can be emailed to . For access to the online system use the link under the "Suppliers and Contractors" heading.

Information for Contractors Attending Site

Fitness for Work - Drug and Alcohol testing
Tomago Aluminium is committed to a Drug and Alcohol-free workplace and has a Fitness for Work Policy that includes Drug and Alcohol testing.  The site conducts random and post-incident drug and alcohol testing of all persons entering the site, including contractors. 

Agreement to testing is a condition of site entry.

Photo ID
New contractors are required to provide proof of identity (photo ID) to Tomago Security Staff before a site identification card is issued.

Prohibited Items & Smoking
Tomago site has a list of Prohibited items not permitted on-site. 

The list is covered in the site and visitor inductions and includes, but is not limited to lighters, cans, and glass bottles.

Smoking is not permitted inside buildings or adjacent to building entry/exit points, or in company vehicles.

Plant Standard clothing must be worn appropriate to the work area. 

The minimum site standard is long trousers, pants or jeans, long sleeve shirt and fully enclosed footwear with a low heel (max. of 50mm). Additional clothing requirements apply for access to Operating departments.

Clean-Shaven Standard
Tomago has a clean-shaven standard to facilitate good respiratory protection. 

Contractor employees working in areas that require respiratory protection are required to be clean-shaven as per the Australian Standard.

Pedestrians, Vehicles & Mobile Equipment
Tomago Traffic Management Plan for site operates a Vehicles have right of way system; pedestrians must give way to all vehicles including at designated road crossings.

Pedestrians shall maintain a minimum distance of 3 metres from mobile equipment until the equipment has been stopped, switched off, made safe and the driver has indicated that persons are authorised to approach the vehicle.  Equipment and vehicle operators are required to switch off all engines prior to leaving the controls.

Information for Site Visitors
A visitor pass is issued to persons attending site for a short period who will not be involved in work on site.

Visitors are required to complete the Visitor Induction on arrival at the front gate.

Visitors are to be escorted at all times and it is the responsibility of the Visitor to comply with the visitor induction, all reasonable instructions given by the Tomago host as well as any notices positioned throughout the plant.

Notification of Terminated Contractor employees
When a Contractor employee with a valid Tomago Induction leaves the Contractors employment, the contractor principal or nominated representative must promptly notify changes to Tomago via email to .

Where possible, please include their name, date of birth and “T” number in the email.