Graduate & Apprenticeship Programs

Graduate & Apprenticeship Programs

Graduate & Apprenticeship Programs

Tomago takes up to four graduates and seven apprentices every year from the following disciplines:      

 - Electrical
 - Engineering
 - Mechanical

As business needs arise we also take graduates and apprentices in the areas of:

 - Chemical
 - Information Technology
 - Human Resources

Graduates join a structured program of department rotations designed to build knowledge and skills across the plant’s various production, maintenance and support functions. Placements average 10-12 months and are designed to provide permanent employment at the conclusion of the program. Buddies and mentors are provided to help our new recruits navigate the day-to-day environment at Tomago.

Apprentices are employed in the electrical and mechanical disciplines and usually complete a four-year apprenticeship. Following successful completion of apprenticeships, permanent placements may be offered.

Tomago is an equal opportunity employer and also seeks to increase the diversity of representation in its workforce.

About Tomago Aluminium

Tomago Aluminium is a globally competitive manufacturer of primary aluminium products with a successful safety record and a supportive team culture that work together to continuously improve our safety, environment and operations.

Based in the Hunter Region for more than 30 years, we attribute our success to the excellence, knowledge, skills, determination and enthusiasm of our people which makes the business one of the industry’s most dynamic and innovative manufacturers of aluminium.  We employ a wide range of modern technologies offering unique experience and skill development.

Our innovative and structured 4-year apprenticeship program commences mid-January and involves practical and theoretical (TAFE) based training and mentoring by industry experts. Apprentices learn basic and advanced trade skills in our on-site training workshop and departments across site gaining continuous hands-on experience and a tool bag full of valuable and transferrable skills. Successful applicants will enjoy an attractive salary package and leisure days. 


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