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We have made enormous progress stabilising and improving our business in the face of very uncertain economic times and we all have much to be proud of.

Despite the collapse in metal prices and premiums in 2015, our full year performance was first class, with the site achieving the trifecta of lowest recordable injuries, lowest environmental emissions and highest tonnage ever produced. Safe, Clean and Productive; that’s a recipe for success! On top of that, we have seen steady progress towards reaching our cost reduction targets and improving process efficiency.

All of these things give me increased confidence that TAC will be a leading aluminium smelter on the global stage for many years to come. 

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a 2 day Blue Bus Edge playshop, along with 21 of our Operators, Maintainers and a selection of leaders. The purpose of the playshop was to explore the themes of interdependence and collaboration – and along the way, slay some of the myths that get in the way and prevent large organisations performing at their best. For me it was reinforcement that our ‘secret sauce’ to TAC being the best it can be is the quality of our relationships and our individual and collective preparedness to have honest, respectful conversations - hard on the problem and easy on the people! This program is an investment we are making to give everyone on site the opportunity to be heard so that the best ideas can emerge and our business becomes stronger and more resilient as a result. You can read more about the great ideas being put into action in the article on our annual Innovation Awards (Pages 6,7,8).

Behind the scenes we have undertaken substantial upgrades to our HR training system (Success Factors) and our website. These two projects provide better access to information and training resources and more importantly, allow employees to plan and approve training. This allows our teams to go about their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Improvements to health, safety and environment have also been recognised by our auditors who were impressed with our positive employee engagement, but more importantly, with our overall improved health and safety at Tomago over the past few years. This is something we should all be very proud of, as a safe working environment is the most important thing we can achieve together.

With the first quarter of 2016 behind us, we are right on track for another record performance. I’m pleased to say that we have made further progress on cost reductions, with many teams absorbing some or all of the functions that were previously performed by external contractors. This means we are well and truly down the path of eliminating overtime from our business. Not only does this help control our operating costs, it also sees everyone fully rested and recuperated, maximising rostered time off with our families. I acknowledge we have faced some difficult choices, however we must do this to survive. In return, we have recently commenced negotiations with Operators and Trades representatives regarding new enterprise agreements, featuring the opportunity to share in the annual Tomago Incentive Scheme – an annual cash payment to recognise meeting and exceeding business targets. We have all contributed to the success of this business and we want everyone in return to share in that success.

Please enjoy reading our latest edition of Tac News here.

Best regards,

Matt Howell - CEO

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