Suppliers & Contractors

Suppliers & Contractors

Contractor management

Tomago Aluminium’s workforce consists of more than 190 contractors who are all required to maintain the highest standards of health, safety and adherance to processes and procedures while on site. Outlined below is information to help contractors understand what is required prior to entering our site, and the level of induction required.


Contractor Management Framework

Fitness for Work Procedure

Drug & Alcohol Component applies to all employees, contractors and visitors while they are on the Tomago Aluminum Company Site.

HSE Inductions

Tomago Aluminium has a two-tier HSE induction system for non-Tomago personnel.  The first tier allows site access and consists of:

A day pass will then be issued for the day of the visit only. An inducted Representative must accompany all visitors on site. Visitors are not permitted to carry out any work within production areas or on tasks assessed as having a medium or high risk.

The contractor induction allows unescorted access to the general plant and Department non-production areas. It does not allow access to production areas unless accompanied by a Department inducted personnel. It does allow the contractor to perform work in General Plant and Department non-production areas. To carry out work on site a contractor must have completed the contractor HSE induction. The induction is valid for 3 years.

The contractor North Gate induction allows delivery driver’s access from the North Gate to the warehouse and for the delivery of raw materials to site. The North Gate induction does not allow the person to work around or within production areas. The induction is valid for 3 years

The second tier - Department HSE Inductions - are designed to allow work in each specific Tomago Aluminium production Department. This allows unescorted access to Production areas of the Department. It also allows the contractor to perform work in the Department under the authority of the Permit to Work system and JSEA. The contractor site HSE induction must be completed prior to the Department HSE inductions.

Tomago Aluminium has in place online HSE inductions. They are set up in the following formats:

A printer is required as each induction includes a short online quiz. The printer needs to be set to print in portrait. On completion of the HSE induction you must print your online induction assessment certificate. This online induction assessment certificate must be signed by yourself and your supervisor and then given to security on arrival at site. The copy given to security must contain the original signatures and will be retained by Tomago Aluminium.

Security will require proof of identity before a site identification card (new contractors) will be issued. Photo identification will be required for example, a passport or current drivers licence. The information contained in your passport or drivers licence will be checked against the information you have provided via the online form. If the information does not match then the induction will be deemed invalid and you will be required to re-sit the induction at security. If the information provided matches the online information security will then issue you with an identification card (new contractors) and a passport that will record the expiry date of this induction. The passport is then used to record any other training you receive at Tomago Aluminium including Department Inductions.

The online induction assessment certificate is also to be presented at security for contractors renewing their site induction and Department inductions. The passport will then be updated to record the revised expiry date of the induction.

New Contractors

If you are a current supplier to Tomago Aluminium and would like to arrange site access for employees they will need to be registered in the Tomago Aluminium system, issued a T number and have completed the online Contractor Induction prior to attending site. New contractors are required to know their Tomago Aluminium vendor number to register for their online induction.

To access the Contractor Onboarding Application click here.

Existing Contractors

Renewing Inductions prior to expiry date

If your Contractor Induction has not yet expired and you know your T number and password, you can renew your qualifications by logging in here.  

Requesting an Induction portal password reset

If your Contractor Induction has not yet expired but you do not know your password, please request a password reset by sending an email to . In your email make sure you advise your name, T number and the email address the new password should be sent to.

Password reset requests will be processed within 24 hours of receipt during office hours Monday to Friday.

Renewing Inductions for Terminated Contractors

If your Contractor Induction has expired, you will not be able to access the Tomago Aluminium site or the online induction system. You will need to complete the Contractor Status Update form and email it to .

Rehire requests will be processed within 24 hours of receipt during office hours Monday to Friday. Once rehired, you will be given one week to renew your online induction, if you fail to renew your induction in this time your access will be terminated again and you will need resubmit your request to be rehired again.

Changes To Employee Induction Status

If you are a current supplier to Tomago Aluminium and you make changes to the status of a Tomago Aluminium inducted employee then you need to advise us by completing the Contractor Status Update form and email it to .

Examples of changes you should advise us of include:

For all enquiries related to Contractor Inductions email or phone the Tomago Aluminium IT Helpdesk on 02 4966 9236.  

Other Conditions


Access Instructions (pdf)

Supplier Approval Registration Procedure(pdf)
Supplier Qualification Questionnaire Services (xls)
Supplier Qualification Questionnaire Materials (xls)

Procurement General Terms and Conditions (pdf)

Access the Tomago Aluminium online Training Centre

For all enquiries related to HSE online inductions contact

(This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it) or phone Tomago Aluminium Helpdesk (02) 4966 9236.